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By Platinum Team August 2, 2012

Home Warranties For All

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of maintaining your property and keeping your belongings inside safe. Home owners insurance can help keep the belongings safe within your home and home warranties can keep the systems and major appliances in your house in working condition. When you purchase your home, you will probably be given the option to purchase a home warranty before you even move in. Whether you are buying a townhouse, condo, or single family home, home warranties are an important purchase to make in addition to the dwelling. Just as with a single family house, a townhouse or condo can have systems fail and be costly to repair. The warranty will cover the existing items in the residence and the systems such as the heating, cooling, and plumbing. Even with new buildings, there can still be issues with things like faulty wiring, pipes, and manufacture problems. Home warranties protect the home buyer, regardless of the type of dwelling. After a move, your budget is usually maxed out with the movers, utility deposits, and anything new you may have to buy in order to make the house suitable for you. You do not want to have to worry about an appliance that stops working or a cooling system that dies in the middle of a hot spell. These can be major budget busters and cause you unnecessary monetary stresses. When there is a warranty on these items, you may pay a small monthly fee to cover the items. It is an insurance of sorts that protects the insides of the home and the appliances within the home. It seems that things almost always go wrong when you are not ready or when you need them to work more than ever. After you’ve moved into your new condo, you may decide to invite your family over for the holidays. This is not the time for an appliance to stop working yet inevitably it can happen. The warranty service will have a list of qualified repair persons that can help you even on the holidays. All you will have to do is call the repair person and they can be out to your home to help you get the holidays back on track. Your family is counting on you and you need to figure out how to fix the problem. Even if you don’t have the money to fix the appliance up front, you won’t have to worry about that as the home warranties may require you to only pay the service fee. These fees can be fairly low and only occur when there is a service call. The price of this service fee is nominal in relationship to the overall cost of replacing an entire appliance. Even the price of a service call can be much higher than that of the service fee so in the long run the warranty can be a wise option for anyone that buys a property whether it is a single family home, townhouse, or even a condominium. These types of properties can all have appliances and systems that fail so having the backup peace of mind of home warranties is a great investment.]]>