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By Platinum Team December 28, 2012

Home Warranty For Chandler, AZ Homes

A Home Warranty Is Excellent Protection warrantyOne of the best types of insurance you can get is a Chandler home warranty.  Because of their usefulness, home warranties are often given as a house-warming present by the representative realtor on closing.  The power of a good home warranty is to set your mind at ease about all of the potential problems that naturally occur with a home. There are several important things to understand about a Chandler home warranty.  One is that this is a different kind of insurance that that which you would buy to protect your possessions.  This means it would not for example cover the loss of your furniture to a fire.  It would also not cover the liability of people who hurts themselves on your property.  The insurance only covers the house itself, including the major appliances, in the state it is in on purchase.  In other words, it is a home maintenance warranty, which only replaces or repairs, but does not upgrade or improve.  This will help you understand the limits of your home warranty. When you purchase your home, you understand that there are many things you will have to do to keep it in its pristine condition.  You will have to paint it every few years.  You will have to replace your appliances when they wear out.  None of these things is a surprise to a wise homeowner. However, there are many things that can happen to a home that are unexpected.  Your garage door opener may suddenly stop working.  This can happen after you own it for a few years and your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.  On the other hand, let us also say that the garage door unit is only a few years old and it has failed for some reason other than wear.  This is when the home warranty company steps in. When you have a problem with a failed appliance or something happens to the home itself, you can call the home warranty office.  If they approve the repair, then they take it from there and do most of the rest of the work.  They will contact one of their licensed repairpersons in your area, usually someone they have worked with successfully in the past, give them your contact information.  They will call you and arrange a time for the repair.  Then they will perform the repair and collect your deductible, which is roughly in the neighborhood of $50.  They bill the rest to the Chandler home warranty company, and you are essentially done.  It is a very easy process, if you have a good home warranty company. The power of a Chandler home warranty is that it is a solid insurance.  In other words, it is reducing the very real risk of having something happen to your home, and it generally covers all items that will preserve your house exactly the way you bought it, except for expected maintenance.  For this service, the cost of the home warranty is very reasonable. If you are purchasing a new home, or if you currently own a home with no warranty, be sure to talk to a home warranty representative and let them explain how they can help.  Many homeowners find a Chandler home warranty to be money very well spent.]]>