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By Platinum Team August 14, 2012

How a Home Warranty Protects You Differently Than a Manufacturer’s Warranty

A home warranty is a great way to protect the major aspects of the interior of your home when you are selling or buying. If you have recently only heard of a warranty and what it may provide for you, then you may be surprised to find there are many benefits you could receive from one. When you purchase a home with new appliances, you often believe they will operate for quite some time with no problems. You may think that even if you do have problems with the appliances that the manufacturer will pay for the repairs and replacement, but that may not be the case. You may need to rely upon your home warranty more than you realize. There are some instances in which the manufacturer won’t be responsible for the appliances that you find faulty, and you may be surprised by them. There are several instances in which a protection will provide coverage for many appliances, regardless of the brand you have. Manufacturer warranties will often be very selective in the repairs they allow for; as they will only fix the brands they are selling. They will also only usually offer a warranty for a year or so, which can be extended with a warranty. The home warranty may cover all of the appliances for several years, if you so choose. You can’t count on a manufacturer warranty to last more than a year unless you extend it, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. The chances of major appliances breaking down after one year of use are very slim. The chances of a refrigerator, for example, breaking down can go down to as little as 8% once a year has passed. The manufacturer will often recommend the customer get an extended warranty, but it can be largely a waste of money because of the slim chances of their new product breaking. The home protection plan can be provided for several years down the road, which cannot be said with a manufacturer warranty. When a home warranty is purchased, the appliances do not have to be new in order to have protection for them. They can be of any age and of any brand, which can be a big change from the manufacturer warranty they originally came with. There are also strict stipulations that will often be in fine print with a manufacturer warranty, such as only fixing certain parts of the appliances. There will often be clear and precise guidelines when you purchase a protection plan instead of relying on the manufacturer to make necessary repairs. You can also expect to wait a very long time for the repairs you require when you go through the manufacturer, as they will only usually allow one repairman to be utilized. The repairman knows they aren’t making as much money when they are fixing your appliances, so they will usually only fix it within a few months. You can expect to have prompt repairs done when you utilize your home warranty, however, as you can often call them 24/7 to get the help you need. You can count on your warranty to help you with many major components of your home, so you will likely never have to deal with the manufacturer unless you absolutely need to.]]>