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By Platinum Team June 20, 2013

How Can A Water Heater Affect Home Energy Usage?

On a daily basis, homeowners do several tasks that require energy being supplied to their home. They could be cooking and using several different kitchen appliances or just relaxing and watching television; almost every in-home action requires some kind of power. Unfortunately, energy costs money and the more energy you consume, the more money you will spend. However, there are several ways to decrease your energy consumption and at the same time decreasing your energy bills. Upgrading to a better hot water heater can help you save money by needing less energy. Just like many most of the appliances one uses around the house, water heaters and water heating technology has improved greatly in recent years. In fact, most of the time you are unable to purchase the same model to replace your worn out water heater because they aren’t being made anymore. Given that the live expectancy of a water heater is just over ten years, many innovations in the equipment can happen in that amount of time. Just as a newer vehicle would get better gas mileage, a newer hot water heater will be significantly more efficient than the previous generation. This efficiency may cost more in your initial investment; however, over the life of the heater you can save substantial money. If a new water heater lasts only ten years and saves a minimum of one dollar from your monthly bill, it will save you $120 over its lifespan. Yet, given the amount of water heaters on the market, you can save much more than this simplified example. With this information in mind, you shouldn’t just consider the initial investment made, but the cost of operation. Depending on the type of heater you are replacing and the quality of the hot water heater you are replacing it with; you can save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Although most of our energy bills are dedicated to heating and cooling our home, heating our water can also be a major factor. On average around a quarter of each dollar spent on energy goes to heating water. Most homeowners are not aware of this because water heaters are usually stored in a special area that is away from sight, unlike lights and appliances. The average life expectancy of a properly maintained water heater is usually over a decade. This means that a homeowner needs to be committed to their decision and should feel comfortable with the hot water heater they choose. It may feel daunting, but the benefits will outweigh the investments and overtime these updated machines can save money when the energy bill comes in.]]>