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By Platinum Team June 3, 2015

How to Discourage Burglars

Here in the Valley, summer has already announced its presence with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees. To escape the heat, many of us may leave town and head to the mountains, beach or other cooler climates. Unfortunately, this can leave our homes extra vulnerable to burglars. The majority of break-ins occur when nobody’s home. Whether you on vacation or simply at the office, school or shopping, it’s important to keep your home protected from burglars. We’ve compiled some tips to help you do so. Take basic acts to secure your home

● Always lock your house, including the door from the garage door. 40% of break-ins are not forced! ● Secure sliding windows and doors with a strong dowel or metal rod. Place it in the groove of the door or window. ● When you are away, keep curtains or blinds closed. ● Make sure that your windows and doors are visible from the street and have adequate lighting so that a passerby could see if someone were attempting to break into your home. ● NEVER leave a spare key outside.

Install safeguard tools

● Install deadbolts, and use them. The introduction of deadbolts in the 1960’s decreased home break-ins dramatically. They are a simple way to discourage burglaries. ● Consider investing in modern technology. We have more access to a obtaining a secure home. Invest in a burglar alarm system and or security cameras. Install motion detectors and adequate outdoor lighting as a deterrent a well.

Keep valuables out of sight and out of mind

● Keep valuables out of sight from the window or door. ● When you purchase a new computer or TV, do not leave the box in the trashcan. Potential burglars can see this as an invitation for burglary. ● Keep bikes, mopeds and scooters in the garage or out of sight. ● Park your car in the garage with the garage door closed.

Build a neighbor network

● Be informed about crime in your neighborhood, and get to know your neighbors. Becoming acquainted makes it easy to look out for one another and detect a stranger.

Eliminate obvious signs that you are away

● Have a friend or neighbor pick up your paper and mail, or stop delivery until you return. ● If you are gone for an extended time, have someone cut your lawn and maintain your landscape. ● Put a light or two on a timer to go on and off as if you were home.

Avoid over-sharing that you are away

● DO NOT talk about your upcoming trip in public. ● DO NOT change your voicemail to announce to the world that you will be out of town. ● DO NOT broadcast that you are on vacation by posting photos on social media.

Be smart, safe, and secure, and have a great summer!]]>