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By Platinum Team October 21, 2014

How to Give Your Laundry Room the Ultimate Makeover

The laundry room – hardly the most exciting room in the house.  But, even if it is not the room you get excited to show guests on the home tour, it does not mean that it should go completely neglected.  In fact, it should have just as much attention paid to it as the other rooms in your house because, even if it is just the place you do laundry, you will be spending time in there and it should be a place in which you enjoy spending time.  If your laundry room, like many others, is looking a bit drab and sterile, there are some very easy ways to spruce it up and give it the makeover that it deserves.

Clean & Organize

It is difficult to start any new project without first cleaning and organizing the room first.  Take everything out and take stock of what you want to keep in your laundry room.  By doing so, you will be able to know what types of organizational items you need and how you want to prioritize your laundry room makeover.

Purchase Supplies

How much you need to buy depends on how in depth your makeover will be.   Whatever your budget, your laundry room can experience a truly transformative renovation with even a few small tweaks.  Purchase your supplies or organizational items before starting so that everything can come into place easily.  Leave tags on items like baskets or trays so that you can be sure it will work properly in the space before completely committing.

Plan for Tasks

While you probably will not spend hours reading a book in the laundry room, you will be completing tasks.  For this reason, it is important to keep in mind what tasks you will be working on in the space.  You will be sorting laundry, folding laundry and more.  Organization is the key to a laundry room that flows nicely and eliminates clutter.  If you have the room, make plans for a sink in the laundry room for pre-washing items or soaking things.  Make space for folding by adding a folding workspace.  Even in the smallest laundry room, you could add a small surface directly above the washer and dryer that will increase your workspace for minimal cost and maximum efficiency.   If you anticipate your tasks in advance, it will help clarify what you hope to accomplish in the space.

Drying and Hanging

A luxury that everyone would enjoy is a place to hang clothing in the laundry room.  Even in a small laundry room, a wall-mounted drop down drying rack can be installed on the wall so that it is out of the way when not in use.

Shelving or Cabinetry

If you do not already have shelving or cabinetry, now is the time.  There are many low cost, easy to install options for the DIY lover or the novice.  Cabinetry or shelving takes advantage of that wall space you have that is going unused and helps give you a place to store things like laundry detergent and dryer sheets.  The benefits of cabinetry is that things can be hidden away.  Open shelving makes a space feel bigger but will show more.  One way to use open shelving but hide the things you do not want on display is with some baskets or bins.  There are many available in different colors, patterns and styles and you can even label them so that you know what is in each one.