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By Platinum Team November 29, 2012

How to Keep Your Microwave in Tip Top Shape

There are many every day appliances we rely on to work when we need them, but, often we may forget to properly maintain them. When we make the wise decision to protect ourselves with a home warranty, we often forget to do general maintenance and upkeep on appliances. We can make the most of our investments in both appliances and our home warranties by doing checks and maintenance on our appliances. Microwaves are an invention that has given Americans convenience and timeliness in our increasingly busy society. We often rely on them to quickly heat a meal so that we can make it to work or school on time, get our families fed, and get everything done in our day that we need to. Aside from cleaning out and spilled food or residue, we often do not do any additional maintenance to keep our microwaves functioning properly. While many of us wipe down our microwaves on a regular basis to get those stray pieces of food out, we may not check our grease filter. We should routinely clean out the grease filter on our microwave. As with any general maintenance, you should consult the owners’ manual and follow any manufacturer recommendations. If any food debris has accumulated and is difficult to clean, you can put a glass with a cup of water in it and heat it for approximately 3 minutes. Allow the cup to sit in the microwave for a few minutes. By doing this, you steam the inside of the microwave and loosen all of the difficult stuck on food debris. This will make it much easier to wipe down the inside of your microwave. Once you have ensured that you are working with a properly cleaned microwave, you need to take care to ensure that you are putting the correct things in your microwave. To begin, you should only put microwave safe dishes and containers in your microwave. They should be properly labeled as such to ensure you are not doing damage to your microwave and to also ensure your container will not melt or catch fire. Also, takeout food containers are not typically safe for the microwave. You should also be careful not to use dishes that are too large. By overloading your microwave, you can reduce air circulation in the device, which will cause overstress on your microwave. As with any home maintenance, you should always take precautions to avoid dangerous, electrical situations and to always consult your manufactures guide. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer instructions to a tee. Through the advancement of technology we have been given many of our modern conveniences. We rely heavily on these conveniences, such as microwave, to keep our families functioning on a day to day basis, and in a timely manner. It could greatly slow us down to wake up one day and find that our microwave is not working. By following these simple tips, we can extend the life of our microwave and enjoy the convenience it has to offer.]]>