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By Platinum Team May 28, 2023

How to Maintain an Energy Efficient Temperature at Home

Most people enjoy the Arizona sunshine, but residing in Phoenix in the warmer months doesn’t always send folks cheering. Maintaining a cool temperature at home can be an exceptional challenge for us desert dwellers. It’s hard to find anyone who truly enjoys coming home to a boiling blast of air or the enormous utility bills that arise from running the A/C. 

So, how can you maintain an energy efficient temperature at home and avoid skyrocketing your utility bill? Give these dos and don’ts a shot. 


Do: Invest in Reflective Paint and Roofing Materials 
Homes absorb heat, and when the sun is shining on your walls and roof, the heat slowly transfers to the inside. This effect is reduced with reflective roofing materials and paint. Instead of absorbing into the materials, the sunlight is reflected. This helps keep the heat from reaching the inner parts of your home. 


Do: Open Windows at Night and Close Them During the Day 
During periods where the temperature at night cools down considerably, open your windows at night time to let in the cool air naturally. Because heat rises, you can create some natural flow if you have a multi-story home by opening the lower windows on one side of the house and the upper windows on the other side. When the sun comes up and before you leave for work or other commitments, close them up tight. 


Do: Hang Window Coverings to Keep Sunlight Out 
Sunlight shining in your home heats rooms up naturally. To prevent this, use thick, dark window coverings that keep sunbeams from penetrating your home. Keep the coverings closed while you are away to maintain a cooler temperature. 


Don’t: Keep Windows Open All Day 
In addition to being a security concern, keeping your windows open is ineffective once the temperature rises. The temperature outside will try to even out the temperature inside. The best thing you can do is keep your windows and doors closed to trap the cooler air inside your home. 


Don’t: Set the Temperature Lower and Turn A/C on Full Blast 
At the lowest, set your thermostat to 78 degrees while you are away. Running your A/C at maximum capacity is a quick way to raise your cooling bill, and it runs the risk of burning out system components prematurely. Keep the temperature in your home tolerable. If you’re going to be out all day anyway, keep the A/C turned off. 


Do: Be Energy Conscious 
Warm months in Phoenix don’t have to translate to heart-stopping energy costs keeping your home cool. Prepping your home with reflective paint and roofing, opening windows at night and using dark window coverings are easy ways to keep your home cooler during the day without burning out your A/C. Don’t forget to turn systems and electronics off when you leave for the day. 

You may be surprised at how cool your home stays just with these little tricks!


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