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By Platinum Team May 17, 2014

How to Maintain Your HE Front Loading Washer and Dryer

Energy efficient, front loading washers and dryers have become incredibly popular.  HE (high efficiency) washers and dryers are all the rage in homes right now because not only are they more energy efficient than traditional washers and dryers, but they save money on both energy bills and water bills each month.  Front loading washers and dryers can also be stacked, creating additional space in your laundry room or saving room in a small living space.  The advantages of owning front loading washers and dryers are many, but like any other appliance, they require maintenance to run properly. Proper maintenance of your front loading washer and dryer is incredibly important to keep it running properly.  One major complaint of many homeowners that have front loading washing machines is that, over time, they can start to smell moldy.  It is important to always remove damp clothes immediately so that they do not sit for extended periods of time, which can lead to a moldy or mildew-like smell.  Additionally, when the machine is not in use, leave the door to the washing machine ajar so that it allows fresh air to circulate.  What is often the primary source of mold is the rubber seal around the door.  The rubber seal needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup of hair and other debris and to prevent water buildup in the seal.  A solution of half vinegar and half water will clean the rubber seal and prevent a moldy smell.  And, for regular maintenance, you can pour distilled white vinegar where you would normally put detergent and run the machine as normal.  This will help clean everything out and deodorize.  Additionally, there are products available specifically formulated to clean the drum of a front loading washer and keep this smelling fresh.  Lastly, if you notice that your washer is rattling or shaking, it may need to be leveled.  It is incredibly important to level your machine to extend the life of the machine and prevent damage to flooring and walls. Next, it is important to maintain your front loading dryer.  As with all dryers, it is necessary to regularly clean the lint filter.  Beyond just frequently removing the lint accumulation, every now and then it is a good idea to actually clean the lint trap off with some water at the sink.  Another important maintenance step is to check the dryer exhaust, a task often forgotten.  It is important that air can easily pass through the exhaust and that there is no debris or buildup in the way.  If there is dust and debris, remove any large items and vacuum to get rid of all dust.  This will keep your machine functioning as efficiently as possible and extend the life of your dryer.  When you regularly maintain your front loading washer and dryer, you protect your investment and help your machines function properly.  You will help extend their life and save money using an energy efficient appliance.]]>