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By Platinum Team September 25, 2014

How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

As summer winds down, the kids head back to school, and we realize that fall is soon to be upon us. Soon those warm temperatures will turn cool, leaves will fall and the seasons will change.

Just like we prepare our closets and change out our summer wardrobe to fall and winter clothes, we need to prepare our homes for fall weather. Home maintenance is the key to keeping your home running properly, prolonging the life of appliances and protecting your investment. By following the steps below, you can prepare your home for fall so that it works as it should throughout the season.

•Seal Leaks and Drafts Every time a season changes, it is important to check window and door frames and all around the home for any cracks or holes that could lead to leaks and drafts. Nothing is a bigger home energy waste than leaks and drafts. Keep your home toasty warm this fall and keep those heating costs down by sealing any leaks or cracks before the temperatures change.

• Clear The Gutters Before the fall leaves start dropping, clear your gutters of any dirt and debris. Dirt and debris will stop water from freely flowing through the gutters and if temperatures drop, the water could freeze and cause damage. Start the season with clear gutters and check them periodically to make sure there is not too much buildup.

• Check Your Water Heater If you have not done routine maintenance on your water heater recently, now is the time. You can find more about water heater maintenance by searching this blog site. With your water heater maintained it will be ready to keep those hot showers coming all fall and winter long.

• Prepare Your Lawn Now is the time to sow winter grass, before the cold temperatures hit. By doing it now, your grass will have a good amount of time to grow and get healthy so that it can last through the winter.

• Inspect Your Roof Before cold weather, rain and snow hits, it is wise to inspect your roof for any damage. If there is damage to your roof, the bad weather that comes with fall and winter will only make it worse and could cause permanent damage that is not only frustrating, but very costly. Catching the problem now will give you time to repair the damage before the weather changes.

Clean Your Fireplace Chimney cleaning is something that is usually best left to the professionals. If done incorrectly, it could lead to major damage for your home and could harm individuals living in the home. A clogged up chimney is never good so it is wise to get a seasonal check by a professional to ensure that it is safe to light that fire when it gets cool.