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By Platinum Team June 25, 2014

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Once you have decided to sell your home, there are a few steps to take to ensure your home is ready to be sold.  It may seem simple to post a “For Sale” sign out front, or even put your real estate listing online, but if your home is not prepared, it will not be in ideal condition to attract buyers and get top dollar.  Take proper steps to ensure your home is ready to be seen by potential buyers so that you can make a quick sale and get the most for your house. First thing is first, before you can truly prepare your home for sale, you have to organize and de-clutter.  As much as you might love that wall to wall display of antique plates you have collected, you have to prepare yourself that it may not be everyone’s taste.  And, as you live in a house, it is easy for clutter to accumulate or rooms to start to feel overcrowded.  Clear out anything that is non-essential for decor and home staging and keep things un-cluttered so that potential buyers can really see the home they are considering purchasing. Next, it is time to take that newly un-cluttered and organized home and make it neutral.  If you have a bold choice of paint that may not be everyone’s style, consider repainting to a more neutral and universally appealing paint color.  Remove personal photos so that when someone walks into your home to think about making a purchase, they do not constantly see your face everywhere they look and feel like they are intruding. With a neutral space, potential buyers will begin to make themselves feel at home and start picturing putting their own possessions inside the home. Now is the time to make any necessary repairs.  Anything that is obvious to the eye or that you know needs to be repaired should be repaired.  It may be tempting to ignore some things that need to be repaired but a home inspector will find any problems and recommend that they be repaired anyway and if it looks like you are trying to hide something it could scare off an interested buyer. Once you have made all of the necessary repairs and created a neutral space, it is important to thoroughly clean your home.  This does not mean just dusting, it means deep cleaning.  If deep cleaning is not your forte, consider hiring professional cleaners who can come in and get your home “open house” ready.  Additionally, it is important to address the outside of your home and landscaping as well. Curb appeal cannot be underestimated.  When someone pulls up to your home, you want the exterior of your home to make them excited to come inside and see more.  This means any weeds should be pulled, overgrown grass should be mowed, new flowers should be planted and any plants or shrubs should be trimmed.  Consider repainting your front door and putting a new welcome mat out to make the exterior of your home that much more inviting. Lastly, one important way to prepare your home for sale is to purchase a home warranty if you do not already have one.  A home warranty will show to buyers that your home is a good purchase and will be protected if anything should happen.  It will entice a potential buyer to put in an offer and feel comfortable purchasing your home.  When you have done these things to prepare you home for sale, you can rest assured your home is ready to attract buyers and get the best offer possible.    ]]>