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By Platinum Team September 23, 2014

How to Properly Clean Your Grill

All those nights of grilling out in the yard have produced some delicious meals.  There is just nothing quite like food right off the grill.  And with all of that use of your grill, it has probably left it looking dirty.  With such high temperatures, it seems like little cleaning would be involved to keep your grill up and running.  But, just like cooking on the stove, spills happen and need to be cleaned up.  While there the day to day cleanup of your grill is pretty basic, it is good to give your grill a good cleaning so that you can cook the best food for you and your friends and family possible.

Step 1:  Wire Brushing When you cook your food directly on grill grates, it is bound to leave some charred food residue on the grates.  Purchase a stiff-bristled grill brush at any hardware store (and probably most grocery stores).  After you have brushed all of the debris off the grill grates, soak your grill brush in warm soapy water to clean. Step 2:  Oil the Grill Grates Spray your grill down with cooking oil or wipe it down with cooking oil once it has cooled.  This will help prevent food from sticking to the grill each time you use it. Step 3:  Use Soap & Water to Clean While it may seem like a grill might require more intense cleaning products, soap and water really do work well.  HowStuffWorks explains how to use soap and water to clean your grill, “If you’ve let your grill get out of hand and it’s coated in cooked-on food, you may need to remove the grate and take care of it with some soap and water. This is always a good idea to do at the end of your grilling season. If your sink is large enough, you can use it for your soak, otherwise you’ll need to use washtub or plastic bin. Or maybe even your bathtub. Fill the sink or bin with warm soapy dish washing liquid and let the grates soak for at least two hours. The longer you soak it, the easier it will be to get the gunk off. After the soak, remove the grate and scrub it with a stiff wire brush, rinse it and let dry. Make sure you never use any harsh chemicals like bleach or a chlorine powder. After all, this is what you cook your food on. You can also look for an all-natural, chemical-free liquid soap for your soak.” Step 4:  Clean the Burners Food and grease fall on the burners while you grill and buildup over time.  Burners need to be cleaned properly so that you can achieve even cooking temperatures.  Scrub the burners with a wire brush once cooled to remove grease and debris.]]>