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By Platinum Team October 9, 2014

How To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

Have you grown tired of your kitchen?  For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home and many hours are spent  cooking and enjoying time together.  For those that love to entertain, the kitchen is not simply a place to cook, but a place to prepare meals for gatherings and warmly invite guests into your home.   If your kitchen is outdated or you just no longer enjoy it’s look for functionality, you may be considering an update.  There are many home renovation shows on television that show contractors gutting kitchens completely and starting fresh.  While this may sound fun, it is also tends to be very expensive.  One way to get a high end feel with your new look is to pick one item on which to splurge.  If there is one thing you have had your eye on (a new range hood, a new farmhouse sink, etc.) budget for that one special splurge and stick to a tighter budget when updating the rest of your kitchen.  But, you can give your kitchen an updated look and facelift on a budget and still enjoy a complete transformation without emptying your bank accounts.

1. Update Lighting Fixtures

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a new chandelier or pendant lighting.  There are lighting fixtures for every budget and every design aesthetic.   The impact of new lighting can be very significant and will help set the mood for the room.

2. New Hardware

While you may think adding new hardware or updating existing hardware will hardly be a noticeable change, you will be amazed at just how big of a change it will be.  Outdated hardware can really put off the wrong feel in a kitchen.  Some cabinetry is classic and in perfectly good condition but the hardware is out of style.  Rather than completely gutting your cabinetry, give it a facelift with new hardware and stand back in awe of how good the update looks.

3. Replace Faucet

Faucets may seem like something that never really changes over the year but, in fact, they change quite a bit.  If you have not updated your faucet in many years, it may look outdated or just be boring.  These days, there is a faucet design for every home design aesthetic.  Let your faucet design blend seamlessly with the rest of the room or enhance the existing look.

4. Refinish Cabinetry

Buying all new cabinets for your kitchen will look beautiful but they will cost a lot.  If you are trying to stick to a tighter budget, there is probably not enough money to purchase all new cabinetry.  But, if your kitchen cabinetry is in relatively good shape, consider painting it or staining it.  Sometimes, it is the stain that is looking worn out, outdated, or is just not the color direction you want to go with your new kitchen.  You would be amazed at what some paint or stain can do.  It will give your kitchen cabinetry a new life and, in many cases, a completely new look.