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By Platinum Team June 25, 2013

Importance of Having a Home Maintenance Calendar

Staying Ahead With A Home Maintenance Calendar caulkIf you’ve been a homeowner for any amount of time, there’s one thing you’ve probably come to realize…owning a home requires routine maintenance and upkeep that is your responsibility. While you may be familiar with the different maintenance tasks that your home demands, keeping up with them is another thing entirely! Life can be busy, and it’s not uncommon to neglect some of the regular upkeep that your home needs. Unfortunately, negligence in this area can lead to long-term problems for what may be one of your life’s greatest investments. One great idea for avoiding these problems is designing a home maintenance calendar. How To Create Your Calendar Even if you don’t regularly create calendars for work or personal tasks, home maintenance calendars can be simple to design and easy to implement. Any home maintenance calendar starts with answering a few simple questions: • What things need to be maintained? • When do they require maintenance throughout the year? • Who is capable of doing the work? • What budget is required to complete the job? Initially, just write out all your answers on paper or a computer. Think of things that may only require attention once per year. These could include raking leaves, hooking up sprinkler systems, or clearing out gutters. Secondly, you’ll want to add items that require more regular attention. Examples include mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, and polishing wood floors. Make sure to determine a frequency for each task you identify, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or seasonally. With a complete list of tasks and times, your home maintenance calendar should also indicate who is going to complete the work. If you have children or a spouse, you may want to divide different responsibilities. If a job requires contracting a professional, like with tree pruning, you should indicate that, too. Finally, it may be helpful to attach a budget to each task on the list. Some things may not incur costs, but jobs like mowing the lawn should indicate fuel expenses, for example. Transferring To A Usable Format Armed with a detailed list that includes frequency, budget, and who will complete each task, you are almost ready to go. But in order for a home maintenance calendar to be useful, it needs to be communicated in a meaningful format. Many people love using spreadsheets where they can organize their schedule, update it regularly, and print it out for others to see. Another popular choice is to enter the information into an online calendar or mobile app that is easily synced across the Internet. However you decide to communicate your maintenance calendar, you can move forward with the confidence that you’re home’s needs are already planned for!]]>