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By Platinum Team June 25, 2013

Importance of Pool Safety in Arizona

Stay Cool and Safe Around Your Pool This Summer poolWhen you live in Arizona, you are going to be subject to temperatures that feel like you are living down in the Earth’s molten core. If you have lived in this state for several years, you know some of the best ways to stay cool during the blazing temperatures summer brings. Taking a daily dip in your pool is a great way to cool down, but is it always safe for children? Pool safety in Arizona is extremely important for young children, especially those that can’t swim. There are two things you can do to make sure you have a safe, but fun summer around the pool. Set some rules You may think that the only threat your pool brings to the children who play in it is a potential drowning situation. However, this is not the case. When children play in the pool, they naturally splash around, get in and out of the pool, and drip water all along the perimeter. This can be especially dangerous if children decide to get out and run and around when they are wet from being in the pool. Set some ground rules for people in your pool to strictly adhere to. Pool safety in Arizona can be enhanced if you set some rules like no running, no diving or doing back flips into the water, and paying attention to what others are doing around you in the pool. Install a fence While you want your children to be safe while they are out swimming, you also want the peace of mind that they are safe when you aren’t all out playing in the pool. If you have young children who can’t swim or regularly have friends over that aren’t comfortable around water, then a fence is your best defense against drowning. The numerous drowning fatalities that occur in Arizona every summer could significantly be reduced if more pools had fences. Pool safety in Arizona is not just about watching your kids while they are in the water; it’s about having a fence around the pool to protect them when you’re not there. Although pool fences are not always pretty, they are well worth the investment. Depending on your budget, there are a myriad of different materials you can choose from to ensure that safety comes first at your house. Some common types of pool fence materials are wood, fiberglass, and metal. When your fence is constructed, make sure there are no wide gaps that a child could fit through. With a secure fence and some pool safety rules, pool safety in Arizona will be easier than you thought!]]>