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By Platinum Team June 25, 2012

Kinds Of Home Warranties

When looking for a Phoenix home warranty you will probably be a little amazed at the variety of different kinds of warranties, maintenance plans, and labor guarantees which are available for purchase when you buy a new home. A lot of these products can apply to your situation regardless of when the home was built and can last anywhere from a year or longer. The key to finding the best warranty or other plan for your needs is research. If you want to determine the best plan for you ask for a sample copy and read over it to see the kinds of things that are covered and any conditions to the coverage. You can find a Phoenix home warranty that is sold by the builder, by the realtor, by an insurance company, and even by a third party warranty company. Each of these different kinds of warranties will cover different things; for instance, a builder’s home warranty will usually only cover construction aspects of your home and not appliances. The builder’s home warranty will usually be called a new house warranty and usually be included in the initial cost of the home for a term of one year. Most home warranties will cover heating and cooling systems, some major appliances, and plumbing and electrical systems. The appliances which are usually covered the most by a Phoenix home warranty include refrigerators, built-in dishwashers, and stoves; though, other appliances such as clothes washers and dryers, built-in microwaves, and ceiling fans can sometimes be covered by some warranty plans. The key to finding the right kind of Phoenix home warranty is research. The more research that you can do on the kinds of warranties available and the ones that are popular and legal in your area then the better your choice will end up being. When you are offered a warranty don’t be afraid to ask for a sample copy to read through and don’t be afraid to take your time reading the contract. This is because you want to know all the terms of any contract that you are signing, warranty or not, before you commit to it. If you don’t know who to contact to fix something covered on the warranty, for example, then you will probably end up making several extra phone calls. You may also end up having to pay for a repair that you thought was covered by the warranty. Don’t skip over the fine print or hard words either and if you need clarification don’t be afraid to ask questions until you understand. A lot of times companies will put legal jargon in contracts to meet disclosure laws but not necessarily tell you what those terms mean so that you don’t realize that there are conditions to the warranty. Not everyone is dishonest, but some are and it never hurts to read and ask questions on a contract. Some of the things that will void the warranty are excessive wear and tear, improper installation, code violations and improper maintenance. Sometimes a Phoenix home warranty will have other restrictions in the fine print such as different  terms or conditions for different items or repairs. As with any contract you need to keep up on your end to expect that the other person will keep up on theirs. That means performing the proper maintenance and taking the proper care of your home and appliances.]]>