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By Platinum Team January 20, 2015

Laundry Room Organization Tips

Laundry rooms tend to be one of those “catch all” locations where everyone drops all of their things and laundry accumulates as well. It does not take long for a mountain of random articles of clothing and other items to grow into a disorganized mess in the laundry room. While you may not be sitting down in your laundry room to eat dinner or enjoy a movie you will spend time in there and as another room in your home it deserves attention and organization so that you can enjoy your time spent in it.

To begin with any organizational project, it is important to start with a clean slate so first remove everything from the room o that you can see what you are working with. Some laundry rooms are barely the size of a closet while others are spacious – no matter the size, there is always a way to be more organized and efficient so that you can make the most of your laundry room. Once the room has been emptied, take stock of what you have and what you intend to store in the room. This will be an important factor in determining what organizational items you need to purchase.

Once you are organized it is time to purchase and gather your organizational items. Depending on your budget, one wonderful option is to install cabinetry in your laundry room. There are a wide variety of options to fit almost any budget. You can purchase pre-fabricated cabinetry from your local home improvement store and have them installed or install them yourself the same day. If you prefer the look of shelving to cabinetry, you may want to purchase an assortment of baskets or bins to help you organize your laundry room essentials. They can be plain and simple or they could be stylish to match your home decor. Just because your laundry room is utilitarian does not mean the style of the room has to be. One way to add form to function is to choose organizational items that double as home decor. In addition to bins, use things like canisters or glass jars to organize things like laundry detergent or other odds and ends. Putting your laundry detergent in a cute canister or container will only take a moment and may seem unnecessary but it is just one more way to reduce the industrial look and add style. Additionally, consider installing things like a drying rack or ironing board. By doing so, you keep things form ending up scattered all over the place or throughout the house. Everything can be accomplished in one room which will help your whole home stay more organized.