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By Platinum Team November 6, 2013

Most Common Home Repairs

Owning a home is a great source of pride, a place for your family to spend time together and a place for you to relax.  But, when you own a home with things like pipes, electronics, water, appliances and more, things are bound to break down from time to time. There are many skilled repairmen that can fix or replace things for you, at a cost.  If you own a home warranty, you know you are protected in case a problem arises.  There are some common home problems that arise that require a simple fix that many home owners are quite capable of doing themselves.  This will not only save time but money as well.  If you keep some basic tools on hand, you can repair common problems in your home. A common problem area is the toilet.  They are used frequently, putting them at risk for more common problems.  First, you may have a broken toilet lever.  Most homeowners are quite capable of repairing or replacing a broken toilet lever.  By lifting the lid and looking in the tank you may see that the chair has disconnected, simply reconnect it.  If there is a problem with the lever itself, the local hardware store should have abundant supplies to help replace the toilet lever. Another problem that often arises with the frequency with which toilets are used is a clogged toilet drain.  Get out your trusty toilet plunger and attempt to unclog the drain with 8-10 thrusts.  If this does not work, you may need to add water.  If the plunger still does not work, a toilet auger is another common tool available at the hardware store that may be able to get the toilet unclogged.  If the clog persists, it may be time to call the plumber. Leaky pipes can also become a problem in your household.  in order to address leaky pipes you will want to first turn off the water to the pipe.   This is a very important step.  Next, place a bucket under the area you are working and check the curved pipe, called a p-trap.  Over time, things like washers can wear out and may need to be replaced.  If it is a simple fix, the problem should be clearly visible.  If the pipe continues to leak, a professional may be needed to ensure the repair is done right.  Next, many people, over the course of owning a home, run into problems with their garbage disposal. Often, things that should not be put down a garbage disposal are and the garbage disposal generally experiences a lot of wear and tear.  Many times, a clog in a garbage disposal is an easier repair than expected.  First and foremost, you will want to turn the power off to the garbage disposal.  Safety should always be the first concern and turning the power off is an important safety measure.  You will need common tools, like an allen wrench.  Using an implement like a wooden dowel, or even some chopsticks leftover from Chinese takeout, reach in and remove anything that may be causing an obstruction.  Once you have removed the clog, and reassembled everything, turn the power back on and run some water through the make sure everything is clear. Lastly, at some point you may make a hole in your wall whether by accident or on purpose, that needs to be repaired.  For the most part, drywall repair is quite simple.  For relatively small holes, spackle and a putty knife will be all you need (and some touch up paint of course).  Bigger holes will require a piece of dry wall, dry wall screws and some other tools but is still also quite manageable for the average homeowner.  Before you grab the number for a plumber or contractor, consider trying to repair these common home problems yourself.]]>