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By Platinum Team October 28, 2014

November Home Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to keeping your home looking its best and in proper working order, there are few things more important than regular home maintenance.  Home maintenance helps prevent major repairs that are expensive, time consuming and downright frustrating.  But, time tends to fly and often, we neglect proper regular maintenance because life just gets in the way and we forget.  It can be difficult to remember the last time we checked the smoke detector batteries but doing so is important.  To help remember what needs to be done, having a monthly checklist will help you ensure you are getting things done routinely and nothing is being neglected. Clean the Gutters As temperatures drop and leaves fall, gutters tend to get clogged.  Dirt, debris, and leaves get caught in the gutters and as rain falls, it can divert water towards your home instead of away from it.  Water being directed toward your home is the last thing you want, and if temperatures drop enough, the backed up water could also freeze.  Clean the gutters so that you are ready for cold winter temperatures. Change Your HVAC Filter When filters do not get changed regularly, it forces your HVAC system to work harder which shortens the life of your HVAC system and also leads to higher energy bills. Adjust the Thermostat As temperatures cool down, it is time to adjust your thermostat for energy efficiency.  Rather than running your heater all winter long, around the clock, consider adjusting the thermostat by two or three degrees.  By adjusting it just a few degrees and wearing warmer layers, socks or throwing an extra blanket on the bed to keep warm, you could save a significant amount of money. Prepare Guest Rooms If your guest rooms have gone relatively unused during the summer months, it may be time to give them some extra freshening up before holiday guests arrive.  Wash linens and clean the room thoroughly so that your holiday guests are welcomed nicely into your home. Close Vents If you have rooms that will go unused during the winter months, close the vents in those rooms.  Rather than heating a room that no one is in, conserve energy by closing vents and directing warm air to other rooms in the home. Trim the Trees Trim long tree branches back before cold temperatures arrive. Trimming them now will help prevent problematic breakage during winter weather.Check for Leaks and Seal Inspect windows and doors for leaks.  If you can see visible leaks or air appears to be escaping through cracks, seal the cracks.  You are paying for all that hot air in your home so you do not want to waste money by letting it escape through cracks and gaps.  Sealing is incredibly simple and supplies can be bought at any local hardware store. Test Smoke Detectors Fall and winter holiday season is notorious for being a dangerous fire season.  More home fires occur during the holidays than any other time during the year.  Check every smoke detector in your house to ensure they are working and replace batteries as needed.]]>