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By Platinum Team September 30, 2014

Organize Your Junk Drawer in 5 Easy Steps

Every homeowner has one, and for most homeowners, it is probably a mess – the junk drawer.  Everyone needs a place to keep all of their odds and ends – pens, paperclips, tape, matches, note pads, rubber bands, and who knows what else.  Every home is different and every junk drawer is different, making the task of organizing it all the more challenging for most people.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to organizing the junk drawer but, there are a wonderful selection of organizing supplies available for purchase at most stores and there are some basic tips every homeowner can use as a guideline for organizing their junk drawer.  By following these tips, the next time you need a rubber band or paperclip you will not need to waste time digging around and crossing your fingers that you will find what you need, you will know exactly where it is.

1. Start Fresh

You cannot properly organize your junk drawer without completely emptying it.  Take everything out and keep like-items together as you go.  This will make the process of putting everything back much easier.  With everything out of your drawer, wipe it out and start with a completely clean drawer.

2. Throw Things Out

For many people, throwing things out can be a challenge.  They wonder – “What if I will need this one day?”  Or they say, “What a waste to throw out this perfectly good Easter magnet from 5 years ago, maybe I will need to erase something!”  But, here is the rule of thumb – if you have not used it in 6 months to 1 year, throw it out or give it away.  If you have not used it recently, the likelihood of you ever using it is slim to none.  So, why keep storing things in your drawer and adding clutter that you will never use?  Make room for new things you will actually use.

3. Purchase Organizational Items

If you have a lot of small things to organize, you will probably want to purchase some drawer organizational items.  Before making any purchases, measure you drawer and get exact dimensions so that you can know what types of items you need and what will fit.

4. Organize Like-Items

If you have a lot of small office supplies like paper clips, push pins, rubber bands, erasers and more, keep them all near each other in the organizer.  If you have other things like batteries or small tools, keep them in a different section of the organizer.  Separate pens, pencils and markers and give them each their own section if possible.    Put tape in its own compartment and scissors in another.

5. Label It!

If certain compartments work really well for certain items, use a label maker or a sticker label and label the compartment.  That way, anyone who uses the drawer and takes something out will know exactly where to put it away when they are done.  It will help everyone keep the drawer organized.