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By Platinum Team December 28, 2012

Peace of Mind For Home Warranty in Phoenix

Choose A Good Home Warranty For Peace Of Mind homeA good Phoenix home warranty works like any other essential insurance you may have.  You get it in order to protect against the risk of an expensive repair cost to your home.  Unlike car insurance, you are not required to purchase a home warranty, but there are many reasons to do so. Your home warranty is like your car insurance in that you are insuring against the unexpected.  The surprise costs on a home can be at least as much as those for a full on car collision.  The big difference is that you are not driving your home around in heavy traffic, waiting to be hit by some nut.  You also have no chance of crashing your home into another person, and then being responsible for the damage and injuries.  However, your home warranty insurance will protect you against many of the things that can damage your home while it is just sitting there. A Phoenix home warranty covers a certain range of home repairs.  The repairs must be specific and they must be unexpected.  Making specific repairs means that a particular part of the home or a major appliance must be broken.  In other words, just because the behavior of something in your home indicates a problem does not mean that it is covered under home warranty.  For instance, suppose you begin to hear a banging in your pipes.  You may call your Phoenix home warranty representative, but they will likely tell you that they fix problems, not noises.  Using their judgment, they may let you take a chance on a repair visit.  Then the normal process of a home warranty repair starts. When a home warranty representative approves a repair, then they arrange for one of their local repair persons to come to your home and perform the work.  You generally pay a deductible of around $50, which essentially covers the service charge of the technician.  He then makes the repair and then bills the parts labor to the home warranty company.  In the case of the noisy pipes, if the repair person finds that the problem is a faulty pressure gauge, then the company will pay for a new one, and you will only have to pay the $50 deductible.  If the technician finds no problem, then you pay him for his time directly.  In addition, if it turns out that the solution is to add a part (not replace a part), then again, you are responsible for the entire repair cost. This example illustrates the nature of a Phoenix home warranty.  The other component of the coverage is that repairs are meant for unexpected failures.  That means if your water heater breaks because of an earthquake, then you will have coverage.  However, it would not generally apply if your water heater fails because it has just worn out over time. Speaking of earthquakes, be sure to discuss the particular coverage with your home warranty representative.  Sometimes earthquake coverage requires a comparatively expensive rider in earthquake areas.  The same goes for floods in a flood zone, tornado damage in the Mideast, etc. With these caveats, a Phoenix home warranty is an excellent risk management insurance, and one that will help you sleep at night with the risks of owning and protecting a home.]]>