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By Platinum Team May 5, 2015

Pool Safety Tips

Protection for your family around the water We’re always looking to help protect you and your family both within and beyond your home. Since many of us endure the summer heat each year by swimming in backyard pools, we thought a refresher on how to be safe around the water would be helpful. Pool safety especially important here in Arizona where we have one of the highest child drowning rates in the country. is a great resource for keeping your family safe. Following their water safety precautions can help your family have a safe and fun experience in your swimming pool or spa. Below are just a few key points to keep in mind. To view the full list, be sure to visit “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Pool recommend the following safety steps:

• Always watch your children when they are in or near a pool or spa. (It only takes a few seconds for a child to fall in a pool or to struggle while in a pool) • Teach children and adults basic water safety tips • Have a portable telephone close by at all times • If a child is missing, look for him or her in the pool or spa first • Learn how to swim and teach your child how to swim • Install a four-foot or taller fence around the pool and spa and use self-closing and self-latching gates; ask your neighbors to do the same at their pools. • Install pool and gate alarms to alert you when children go near the water

Summertime can be a fun time to relax and enjoy gathering around our pools with family and friends.  By practicing pool safety you will have fond memories of fun in the sun with your precious little ones.” Protection for homes on the market An extra note — if your home is on the market or you are a realtor showing a home, pool safety is equally, if not more, important. Be sure to do the following to help boost safety:

• Do not prop gates open on pools during an open house or during a showing. • Do stay with all families with small children during a showing. • Do keep an eye on the child and the water at all times. • Know CPR (attend a class), and CALL 911 immediately, when needed.