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By Platinum Team April 12, 2013

Preparing Your Home For The Long, Hot Summer

Getting your home ready for the long, hot summer is one improvement project that will help keep you cool until the thermometer starts dropping again. You may also find that spending a little time and money now will make it easier to maintain your home through the different seasons.

You may want to start by doing an energy audit. Walk around the outside of your house and look to make sure all of your windows are sealed properly around their frames. If not, you may want to get some chalking and seal any cracks between the frame and siding. There are several types of the product available that are made out of very durable silicon, which can dry in a few hours.

Next check the outside vents from the attic to make sure they are in good condition and are not blocked by excess dirt or dust. Give your entire roof a good going over too. You will want to make sure any fan covers were not blown off by any recent storms. Loose or missing shingles or other roofing materials will also need to be replaced or repaired. Check any windows going to your basement to make sure they are also sealed properly to help keep that area cooler. Next you will need to check inside your attic if you have one. Putting insulation materials throughout this area will help keep the heat from the roof from getting down into your living space. Many new products are available that are more affordable. Many home improvement stores carry rolls of insulation material you can install yourself without using any special tools. If you have enough in your budget you may want to hire professional installers to do it for you. No matter how much you can afford, you will find that adding or upgrading the insulation may dramatically improve your ability to keep your home cooler in summer.

Some parts of your home may get warmer than others if they are exposed to the sun the entire afternoon. And it may be harder to cool off that part of your house even after the sun goes down. You may want to plant shade trees that have broad leaves outside any large windows to block the sun. You may also want to consider having your windows tinted to reflect the sun and keep it from heating up your home. You can find these types of products at many hardware stores to install yourself. If installed properly tinted windows can last for many years. If planting trees or tinting your windows are not options you can buy heavy curtains you can pull close when you are not at home. The curtains will not allow any ventilation from outside but will block the sun too.

If you have an air conditioning system you may want to check to make sure it’s working properly too. Inspect the outdoor unit and make sure there isn’t any debris blocking it. Also inspect all of the electrical writing and any other hoses to make sure they are not cracked. You can turn the system on at the thermostat and check to see if it’s blowing cold air into your home. Inspect the air duct system for any leaks where sections of the tubing are taped together. Put on new tape to secure the sections to each other if needed. You may want to check the vents going into each room and remove any dirty or dust that can block the flow of air. Thanks to advances in cooling technology you do not have to invest in an air conditioning system for your entire home. You can buy a portable air conditioning unit that does not require installation. Just plug it in and it will cool off the room. No matter where you live you will want to be prepared for when the temperatures get too hot. By doing some preventative maintenance on your home now you can be comfortable inside while escaping the summer heat outside.