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By Platinum Team December 12, 2023

Purchasing a new home? Take advantage of our rekeying coverage!

When buying a new home, it can bring peace of mind to have the locks changed. With brand new locks and keys in hand, you don’t have to fret about who may have had access to your property prior to your ownership. 

And, it doesn’t have to be complicated figuring out a locksmith to use because…

Your home warranty includes rekeying coverage!

Yep, rekeying is included with all of our major home warranty plans! It’s one of the lesser known benefits of having a home warranty with Platinum. Instead of searching for yet another service provider, you already have a go-to! Simply call us 🙂

When you schedule rekeying as part of your home warranty coverage, you pay a reduced cost – just the service fee, as opposed to the full rate for the service. The coverage includes up to 6 keyholes and 4 copies of keys, and you can add on additional keyholes or keys as needed. 

Here’s when to schedule rekeying…

If you’re buying a new property, be sure to factor rekeying into your closing schedule. It’s great to have the locksmith out as soon as you’re able to after closing. Keep in mind – your new home warranty must be in place to schedule the service as part of that coverage.

A bonus point for real estate agents – many agents have shared with us how much their clients appreciate their help with rekeying. You can be the one to point out this coverage and help them ensure it’s scheduled appropriately within the timeline of closing on the property. They’ll love you for it!

FAQs about rekeying

Q: Do all home warranties include rekeying?

All Platinum Home Warranty plans include rekeying. Other companies may vary.

Q: If I don’t have a home warranty, can you help me with rekeying?

Yes! We’re glad to help you get scheduled with a trusted locksmith. Call 602.733.5000 for more info. 

Q: If I’m not buying or selling a home, can I still request rekeying?

Yes! Though rekeying is most commonly requested when buying or selling a home, you can choose to use the service at any time you desire. Our home warranties include one single rekeying service within the one-year policy term – whenever you choose to use it.

Have questions about rekeying or our home warranties?

Give us a call at 602.733.5000, and we can walk you through our offerings and any questions you may have!