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By Platinum Team October 16, 2013

Refrigerator Care and Maintenance Tips

The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in our home.  We rely on it to keep our food cold and safe, the food that feeds our families.  Often, we forget that our refrigerator needs maintenance in order to continue to run well and to extend its lifespan.  The last thing anyone wants is a refrigerator full of food that suddenly breaks. There are some basic and relatively easy ways to maintain your refrigerator and keep it up and running.  The first thing you will want to do is to keep the inside clean.  You should promptly clean any spills and do general cleaning once per month.  With soap and water wipe down all the shelves and drawers. Next, you will want to ensure that the coils are clean.  Every three months, vacuum the fan and condenser coils.  This will help keep air running smoothly and will allow your refrigerator to be more energy efficient.  You will also want to clean and inspect the door seals. When door seals become cracked or broken they allow cold air to escape and can compromise the quality of the food and is not energy efficient.  Check the door seals every month and if they seem dirty clean them with soapy water and if you notice damaged seals, you can purchase replacement door seals.   Also, most refrigerators have a drain hole and drip pan that removes condensation but food particles can also wind up in the drip pan. You should regularly clean the drip pan with soap and water.  It is also important that you regularly change your water filter according to instructions.  If you continue to use a water filter for longer than instructed water is often even dirtier than before it went through the filter. Lastly, you should check to ensure that your refrigerator is level.  When a refrigerator is not level doors may not open and close properly and they may not seal correctly.  Not only does this put the quality of food at risk but it is not energy efficient.  Place a level on the top of the refrigerator, if it is not level adjust the feet of your refrigerator until it is. Schedule regularly cleanings in your calendar or put a reminder in your phone.  Appliances are expensive and you want them to last as long as possible and you want them to function properly.  By regularly maintaining your refrigerator your refrigerator will run properly and keep your food safe and the lifespan of your refrigerator will be extended.]]>