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By Platinum Team March 12, 2014

Spring Cleaning with Platinum Home Warranty

Spring Cleaning with Platinum Home Warranty HVACSpring is here! And even though Arizona is notorious for mild winter conditions, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, still makes it easy to neglect the maintenance of your home.   Now as temperatures begin to warm up, it is time to start thinking about doing some things to prepare for the warmer temperatures.  It is important to perform some basic spring home maintenance tasks every year so that your house remains in top working order and you can avoid costly and frustrating home repairs that only arise after periods of neglect. One way to start your spring cleaning projects is to schedule your free 20 point inspection with Platinum Home Warranty during the months of March and April.  This 20 point inspection (see the coverage points below) serves as a preseason check to ensure your home systems are up to par for the sweltering Arizona summer.  Platinum tries to address any issues foreseen upfront so you have a working system when you need it the most, but it also provides the chance to educate clients about their system and about regular required maintenance.  For most people, maintenance on their vehicle such as oil changes is a common and understood practice but for HVAC systems we find that is quite the opposite. Most homeowners have no idea it is imperative to have your coils cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation of the system.  If our service technician finds evidence of a maintenance issue, we simply inform and educate our clients so that you can have the needed maintenance done as so it does not void the warranty.  We really want our customers to understand the importance of maintenance and the overall effect it has on your systems which is why these checkups are another great opportunity to educate customers and help you get the most out of the warranty. 20 Point HVAC Inspection Checklist 1. Check thermostat calibration 2. Check air filters (leave new one behind) 3. Check and adjust air flow 4. Check and tighten all electrical connections 5. Inspect evaporator coil when accessible 6. Check volt and amp draw on motors 7. Check refrigeration charge 8. Lubricate all moving parts 9. Check start and run caps 10. Visually inspect system for minor refrigeration leaks where accessible 11. Check time delay relay 12. Check contactors 13. Check main electrical whip 14. Check compressor terminals 15. Check disconnect box and fuses 16. Check air conditioner power breaker 17. Check and adjust blower components 18. Check and adjust burners 19. Inspect fan blade 20. Test cycle air conditioner for proper operation A home warranty plan will allow your buyer to relax, knowing all the comforts inside and around their home are being backed by a warranty they can trust and service they can depend on. We know a home is personal, so at Platinum we take the needs of our clients personally. Platinum’s core commitment to excellence has designated this boutique local company to become the premiere warranty company in Arizona. Help your clients avoid the surprise of expensive repair bills by recommending someone you trust.  Contact us for more information at or call 800.871.2339.    ]]>