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By Platinum Team March 17, 2015

Spring & Summer Lawn Tips in Arizona

Oh boy it’s coming; the summer heat is just a few months away.  With summer in our near future, you might find the following information interesting and can save you money while being environmentally friendly. If you currently have that gorgeous green rye grass for winter, it’s almost time to let the grass go dormant and get ready for the summer Bermuda grass.   If you have had Bermuda grass in previous years, you do not need to overseed.  The Bermuda grass will grow back once the rye grass has been dormant and the weather is warm enough for it to grow back. Did you know about half the water used at home is used outside, and most of that is for watering lawns.  Your lawn requires a lot of water in the spring and summer months, and that costs money. During the summer months your lawn requires 1 1/2 – 1¾ inches of water per week. By watering your lawn wisely, you can conserve a precious resource and save money on your water bill.  Did you know that nighttime or early in the morning are the most effective times to water.  This will promote deeper root growth, which encourages your lawn to be more water efficient.  When you water your grass during the day, you are wasting water because it is instantly evaporating and your precious, hard-earned dollars are going up into the sky and not helping your grass.  ]]>