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By Platinum Team April 9, 2015

Sprinkler and Valve Maintenance

With triple digit temperatures on the horizon, it’s the ideal time to make sure your sprinklers and valves are running efficiently.

Checking sprinkler valves

It’s important to check all of your sprinkler valves to make sure they are functioning well.  The easiest way to check your system is to run your sprinklers on manual from the sprinkler box.

Run the entire system one zone at a time.

Glance around all valves, looking for leaks. If there are any leaks, try to locate the source and determine whether the entire valve needs replacement.

Check sprinkler heads to make sure they are getting sufficient water.  If not, this could be another sign that you have a bad valve. If only one valve has a problem and other valves are getting enough water, you can likely rule out problems at the main water line. If a valve isn’t working at all, there is likely a wiring issue within the valve.

Make sure to also check any easily overlooked item — the sprinkler furthest from the sprinkler valve. If it has standing water or is leaking, it’s time to replace the valve.

 Checking other sprinkler operations

Check all sprinklers to make sure they are not spraying sidewalks, driveways or walls.

Check sprinklers for leaks or clogs. It may be time to replace the sprinkler head.

If using a drip system, check to make sure the drip is in the right place since the plant has grown since last year

Finally, if you have a controller with a battery back up, replace the battery once a year.

Installing a rain sensor

To save water and money, you may want to install a rain sensor. Rain sensors shut off sprinkler systems when the rainfall reaches a certain amount, preventing sprinklers from running when they aren’t needed. Once the moisture recedes, the sensor allows the sprinkler system to resume the normal watering schedule. This can be particularly helpful during monsoon season when unexpected rains roll in.