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By Platinum Team August 12, 2014

Summer Lawn and Garden Care Tips

As the summer temperatures soar we often watch our lawn and gardens turn from beautiful vibrant and alive to dried out, brown and dead. The scorching summer sun and heat make it difficult for lawns and gardens to thrive and often, no matter what we try, we have to give up and wait it out for cooler temperatures. But, there is hope! You do not have to give up on your yard, you can have a beautiful lawn and garden to enjoy all year round.


We all know about fertilizer but how often should we do it? Fertilizer can breathe life into a dying lawn or garden and only needs to be done a few times each year. Today points out why it is important to fertilize and makes some recommendations for fertilizing your lawns, ” I only fertilize my lawn a couple of times a year, once in the spring and then again in midsummer with a food specially blended for lawns. You’ll find these blends higher in nitrogen than other elements (the first number in a series of numbers on the fertilizer bag). Nitrogen is what stimulates vigorous growth and deep green color. I feed only a couple of times a year because I discovered that fertilizing more often meant too much growth — I was working myself to death trying to keep it mowed and watered. So, by reducing the amount of fertilizer, I’ve saved myself time and energy. Also, by allowing my grass to grow longer, just by an inch or so more in summer, I’ve reduced my watering a bit more. The taller blades of grass cut down on water evaporation from the soil. Fertilizing can be confusing because there are so many different blends out there to choose from. For instance, there are some that actually have pre-emergent herbicide mixed with the fertilizer to keep weed seeds from germinating. Turf growers have told me that if you are going to use pre-emergents, it’s better not to use the blends because they’re not as effective as applying pre-emergents separately from the fertilizer.”


Don’t worry about mowing as often as you do during the winter when things are thriving. But, do not be neglectful of your yard either. Grass needs to be mowed and maintained to grow properly and stay healthy.

Garden By Climate:

Do not go by traditional gardening calendars, go by your climate. If your spring is more like everyone else’s summer, adjust your schedule. If it says to plant certain plants in the summer because of favorable conditions but you live in a climate with extreme heat, it is probably not wise to plant. When you adjust to your climate’s natural calendar, your lawn and garden will be much healthier.


Be consistent with your watering and adjust for extreme heat. Most lawns and gardens need one inch of water per watering so be sure to keep up a consistent watering schedule. Do not drown your lawn and garden though, increase frequency of watering not how much water you use at each watering.]]>