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By Platinum Team September 16, 2012

The Appliances Covered Under Your Home Warranty

If you have recently purchased a home that can with a home warranty, then you may wonder what exactly is covered. You are not alone with this question, as many people have often asked their warranty companies. You can rest easier knowing that your warranty will cover quite a few appliances in your home for the length of time it has been purchased for. Home warranties have been introduced largely to protect the seller in case problems are found after they have sold their homes. The seller is often the person that provides the home warranty, as they are able to sell a home more easily when they do so. The buyer is also able to purchase a warranty for a home they purchase, which can also be a good protection from any possible problems with appliances. The buyer can also extend the warranty that is provided by the seller for a certain period of time afterward to keep receiving the protection. There are several appliances that could be the source of problems once you move in, and they are often included in a warranty. You can expect your dishwasher, air conditioner, doorbell, furnace, water heater, duct work, garbage disposal, inside plumbing stoppages, ceiling fans, electrical systems, range and oven, and your telephone all to be covered under a general home warranty offered by many companies. There are some variations with several providers, so checking with the provider beforehand is an important step to take. There are some appliances and features of a home that aren’t covered with some plans. There are some companies that won’t provide coverage for refrigerators, washers and dryers, outdoor items, and garage door openers. There are also some that won’t provide faucet repairs, repairs on spa’s and pools, permit fees, and hauling of broken appliances. There are also some instances that occur that will make the home warranty void with some appliances, such as unusual wear and tear, improper maintenance, code violations, and improper installation. You can ensure these haven’t occurred before you move in by having a full inspection done on the home first. It is rather easy to make a claim on an appliance that is covered under your warranty. There are some companies that will provide you with 24/7 access to their claim service, so if you are having plumbing problems they can be fixed promptly. There are other companies that you can call and speak with a representative about the problem you are facing with the appliance, and they will then send a repairman to your home to fix it quickly. If the appliance is found unable to be fixed, the home warranty company will often replace it for you. You may or may not have to pay a small fee when the repairman comes and repairs the appliances. As you can see, there are many appliances that are covered under an appropriate warranty for your home. You may be very happy that you are able to trust in your warranty company for many unpredictable appliances that could have problems already. You may find yourself calling your home warranty company several times, and you’ll likely be relieved in the help they provide.]]>