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By Platinum Team October 16, 2012

The Important Systems In Your Home

When you move into your first home there are a lot of decisions that you’ll be asked to make. Some decisions are easy, such as how you want to decorate your new living room. Others are more complicated, such as the length of your mortgage loan. One decision that’s very easy to make is the choice to purchase a homeowner warranty protection plan. This valuable plan will help you save money over the years that you own your house while making it possible to avoid much of the hassle associated with repairing and maintaining it. Houses aren’t usually thought of in terms of their many parts. In actually, a house is much more than four walls, a floor, and a roof. A house is also made of a plumbing system and an electrical system. These two systems are responsible for a home’s most basic functions. Without electricity, no major appliance can be used; the oven stays cold and the refrigerator doesn’t work. A house without a working plumbing system can’t supply water for baths, showers, sinks, toilets, or washing machines. Clearly, a family’s basic comforts and needs will go unfulfilled without these vital systems. Extensive planning has to be done before a house can be built. During this planning stage the architect and construction firm responsible for the house will choose the components that make up the plumbing and electrical systems. While the components in these systems are chosen for their durability and capacity for long term performance there’s a good chance that repairs will have to be done at some point. The primary difficulty with repairing a home’s electrical or plumbing system is how expensive it can be. There are good reasons for this. First, these systems are tucked away out of sight, hidden in walls, beneath floors, and above ceilings. Even when attics and basements have access panels that can be easily located, it may still be necessary to create an expanded work space to access the damaged component. Because access is sometimes a challenge, extra time may be required. Plumbers and electricians typically charge by the hour; the cost to you will steadily climb so long as they’re at work. A lot of time may be required to determine what exactly is wrong. This is especially true of plumbing systems. Pipes are sold in sections which must be attached to one another when they’re installed. Sometimes these attachment points come loose or are affected by rust or other forms of physical damage. This kind of damage can’t be repaired so the entire portion affected must be replaced. As you can see, the final cost of even a relatively straightforward repair can end up being very high. But don’t worry – if you bought a homeowner warranty protection plan then you’ll be covered. A homeowner warranty protection plan will help you cover the costs associated with repairing the systems in your home that become damaged as a result of normal use. If you experience any trouble with your plumbing or electricity all you need to do is call the agency that initially sold you your homeowner warranty protection plan. They’ll dispatch an agent to investigate the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible. Real estate pros counsel new home buyers to invest in a homeowner warranty protection plan. This simple purchase will help keep your home working right all the years you own it.]]>