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By Platinum Team February 17, 2020

Tips for Agents: 3 ways to help your clients with their home warranty

Want to help your clients be as satisfied as possible with their warranty coverage? These three tips can set you up for success:

  1. Create realistic expectations. Though a home warranty can help bring your clients greater peace of mind, it doesn’t cover everything. It’s important to be upfront with your clients about this. Let them know that existing problems will not be covered by their home warranty. Walk them through the ways the home warranty will come in handy, as well as what’s beyond coverage. Steer clear of empty promises. They will only leave clients upset with you later on!

  2. Order the proper coverage Is there a pool? Are there secondary appliances that need coverage? Make sure you double-check the custom coverage your client needs. If you have any questions, check in with your your local rep.

  3. Maximize extra money at closing. If there’s extra money on the table at closing, use it to beef up your client’s home warranty coverage. Beyond the specific policy of choice, you can add credit toward future service fees. This will help homeowners breathe an extra sigh of relief when issues pop up down the line.
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