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By Platinum Team July 26, 2012

What’s Wrong with Your AC? Home Warranty to the Rescue!

When the summer hits, you may cringe when you see your electric bill in the mail. Not only does it seem to get higher every year, it seems unusually high this year and you begin to wonder if the problem is in the cooling system itself. You get your answer when on the hottest day of the summer, it dies. You and your family end up sleeping a hotel while you wait on the repair man to show up and help you cool off your house. Don’t you wish you had chosen to buy a home warranty? The warranty for a cooling system is usually broad and will give you the ability to fix whatever problem comes up. This is not always the case when you buy a home warranty so be sure you read the one you have carefully. If you know your system is old or seems to be running too hard, you may want to double check your coverage before the system dies. You want your coverage to be comprehensive for the problem you need fixed. The added bonus you receive when you buy a home warranty is the network of repair people that are now at your disposal. The warranty will have a network they prefer and many of these service people are professional and can be available on a holiday. You will not pay more for their holiday time because the service call is the same price regardless of the time of day or the time of year. This is not usually the case when you call a non-warranty company to service your cooling system. They will charge more for after-hour calls and even for holiday calls. Since you don’t know when your system will go out, you will have to be prepared for any cost without a home warranty. When you buy a home warranty, you are not only protecting yourself from surprise repairs and exorbitant bills that wreak havoc on your budget, you are protecting your house. If the cooling system breaks in your house and you are unable to pay for a new one, your house will get abnormally hot and humid. Your cooling system provides an equalizer of sorts between the outside heat and humidity and the coolness in your house. It will keep the floors from warping and the paint from peeling. When your house is properly cooled, it will also protect the appliances, electrical outlets, and your own belongings inside the house. If you house gets too hot, things can start to melt, crack, and swell. When this happens, it is difficult to fix when the cooling system is finally fixed. A cooling system that is left too long without being used either for cooling purposes or heating purposes can begin to have other service problems that may have nothing to do with the original problem. Vents can become clogged and dirt can build up within the ducts. When you’ve had the cooling and heating system off for any period of time, turning it on can produce a lot of dust, bugs, and sometimes even critters that found their way into the house and didn’t need to leave when the system was turned on. Choosing to buy a home warranty can help you make necessary repairs in a timely manner.]]>