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By Platinum Team August 21, 2012

Why A Home Warranty Is Important

There are several ways a home seller and buyer can make the process easier, and a home warranty is one of them. Providing the buyer with a warranty can be a great benefit for several reasons. Purchasing a warranty before you purchase a home can also benefit you greatly. You may find these reasons to purchase a protection plan, no matter if you are buying or selling. There are many unpredictable occurrences that can arise at any time, but some of them can be protected from more than others. When you are dealing with the buying and selling of a home, there are many problems that could arise at any time during the process. You have to deal with financing, contracts, and time constraints in order for a home to be bought or sold. There are several problems that could occur from a number of these important factors. A home warranty is the best way to protect the home after it has been sold, as there is still a chance for problems to arise. The home seller should get a protection plan for the buyer from the very beginning, as they can avoid paying in the long run. The warranty can often be provided without having to pay out of pocket, as it is usually included in the fees associated. The seller can move on fully from the property once they have moved, as they won’t be held legally liable for any problems that could arise from faulty appliances and fixtures around the home with the home warranty. They will also ensure a faster selling time, as the buyer will have much more confidence in a home that has a warranty attached to it. A home buyer can also benefit greatly from purchasing a protection plan before moving in to their new home. The warranty can also be included in the purchasing price, so it won’t have to be paid for on a monthly basis. The buyer can determine how long they wish to have the warranty, as they can go all the way up to 5 years after purchase. They benefit by having the home warranty they need for the major appliances in the home that could break down at any time. The heater, air conditioner, duct work, electrical system, doorbell, garbage disposal, and telephone wiring may all have problems down the road. Even minor problems could cost the new homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. Money is already probably very tight, as they have had to make enough money to afford the mortgage payment each month. The cost of a large repair shouldn’t have to be added on to the financial stress they are already undergoing after the purchase. As you can see, both the home seller and buyer can have a much easier time with the purchase of a home when they provide a home warranty. The seller can expect to sell much faster and settle any problems out of court, and the buyer can expect to keep their wallet full in the first couple of years after they purchase a home. Everyone wins when a protection plan is provided, so you should consider it the next time you are either buying or selling.]]>