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By Platinum Team February 10, 2014

Why Buyers Prefer New Home Warranties

When a new home purchase price is set, certain factors can increase or decrease its value. Features such as fireplaces, pools and finished basements add to the overall beauty of a home; however, these immunities come at a cost. Wood and cool burning fireplaces must be serviced and cleaned, pools must be chemically treated and basements are prone to water damage. Home builders, realtors and sellers know that home warranties are an attractive incentive for buyers, which is why they frequently offer them. A lot of new home buyers were formerly renters. It is easy to overlook how expensive home maintenance is, especially when you have never maintained a property over an extended period of time. Previous homeowners might look to purchase a new home because they want to experience maintenance free living, but this is only possible to a certain degree. New home warranties are prepackaged service plans that enable homeowners to select the amount of coverage they need. For instance, some homeowners might only need a home warranty that covers electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling because they already have a comprehensive appliance warranty. There are many new home buyers that specifically seek out homes that have warranties. Just because a home has been recently constructed doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Defects can remain unknown even after an inspection has been performed, and it is not always possible to prove that the seller is responsible. While new home buyers are afforded a number of state and federal protections, getting compensated for home repairs in a timely manner is another story. Home warranties can be purchased as a way to offset these costs, which can be of great benefit if you have just closed on a home. Many new home shoppers prefer home warranties because they help to open up new opportunities. Buying a home that has lower maintenance costs can allow you to buy a more expensive home in a more desirable location. You might even be able to take a vacation or make improvements to your home more easily. Homeowners know that they will eventually need to have their stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, washers and water pumps replaced, even if it is many years down the road. They also realize that it will cost money to keep their appliances up and running in the meantime. Although homeowners can receive tax breaks on their home maintenance costs, they know that their finances have to be in good enough shape to afford these costs as they come up. Well constructed new homes can stand the test of time, helping their owners to enjoy maintenance-free lifestyles. Since all of the appliances and systems were purchased and installed at the same time, there is a good possibility that they will need to be replaced at around the same time. Not all homeowners are independently wealthy, and major repairs can place a huge strain on the finances of the average American family. With a mortgage and other household expenses to pay, a home warranty will aid you in tracking your money down to the last dollar. Discover all of your options by comparing different home warranties available on the market.]]>