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By Platinum Team March 10, 2021

Why You Always Win With In-House Technicians

As a homeowner, you know that repairs crop up every once in a while. There are a multitude of service professionals out there, and it can be overwhelming to figure out who is legit — you want to know that the person who is doing the job is credible and vetted.

Servicing HVAC systems, plumbing, and appliances, our Platinum Home Warranty in-house technicians are experts in their craft. There is tremendous value in dealing with a credible provider so you receive the service that you deserve! Here are reasons why you benefit from connecting with our trusted, in-house technicians. 

Ask the Experts

Arizona is a beautiful place to live, though it comes with a list of weather-related issues. Systems and appliances take an extra beating due to extreme heat — and conversely, may not be able to handle the transition into winter weather. Don’t worry about receiving a generic fix for a weather-related problem: at Platinum, our in-house technicians are knowledgeable about how the Arizona climate affects your home. 

Customers First

At Platinum Home Warranty, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. It’s even easier to offer this level of care when using in-house technicians. When you contact us with a home repair issue — we make sure the person we send out is kind, courteous, and will answer all of your questions. Those sent out from our core team will deliver fast and effective service. Following your appointment, we verify that our technicians fulfilled your expectations to ensure a better warranty experience. 

Local Reviews

It can be frustrating when looking for a service provider through tons of online reviews. Not only is it time-consuming, but you may also question the validity of random online submissions. We only hire and dispatch credible and trustworthy technicians who are recognized for the quality of their work. Our testimonials are from real people in the community, just like you, who have reviewed our work ethic, assistance, and follow-through. 

Licensed, Bonded, Insured 

One way to provide great Arizona home warranty service is to ensure that service personnel are up-to-date on their licenses and certifications to perform their job. We take this very seriously and guarantee that our core team members are cleared in their field of expertise. At Platinum, we are aware of the necessary credentials and insurance liabilities for the industry. So, when you choose us, you don’t have to stress about legitimacy because everyone we dispatch has been thoroughly vetted!

If you’ve been looking for a solution to a common repair problem, we’re here to help. From local reviews, validated insurance to a customer-centric approach: you can trust our in-house technicians. A better experience is yours in just a few steps! Contact us today to schedule a service appointment and get the ball rolling!