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By Platinum Team January 10, 2024

Your Maintenance Jumpstart for the New Year

The new year is a great time to get your home maintenance ducks in a row. A few proactive measures can help keep systems running smoothly for the year. Before January gets away, we recommend carving out a little time to tackle the following:

  • Replace your smoke detector batteries. Smoke detectors can save lives, but they have to be maintained. It’s ideal to test them monthly and replace batteries at least once a year. [Recommended once a year]
  • Clean your refrigerator coils. Pull out the refrigerator and vacuum the coils to prevent dust and debris from negatively impacting the performance of your refrigerator. [Recommended 2-4 times per year]
  • Clean your exterior dryer vent. Over time your dryer vent can get clogged with debris and lint; cleaning it regularly can help prevent fires. [Recommended once every 6 months]
  • Change your HVAC filters. By replacing your filter monthly, you protect your AC unit from dust build up which can tax the system. This easy maintenance can extend the life of your unit and help it function more efficiently. [Recommended once a month]
  • Clean your HVAC coils. You can extend the life of your AC condenser and help prevent overheating of your system by cleaning your HVAC coils regularly. [Recommended once a year]
  • Flush your water heater. Your water heater builds up sediment and minerals that break down the tank liner and components. To avoid premature failure and excess energy use, flush your water heater once per year. [Recommended once a year]

Spicing up your maintenance routine
We’ll be the first to admit that these are far from thrilling tasks for most of us. But, fear not — we have a few ideas to make these activities a tad bit more enjoyable. Choose whatever sounds like your cup of tea, or come up with your own ideas.

  • Bust out the tunes. Music is a faithful standby. We’ve noted before the wonders it works when facing the drudgery of cleaning, and it certainly works well for tasks far beyond that. Pick whatever tunes suit your fancy, and let them elevate your spirit as you tackle these tasks.
  • Make it a shared activity. Check off these tasks with help from a friend. Invite a friend to keep you company while you cover the list at your own home. Then, head to your friend’s home to help them do the same. Or, get the full family on board for the task, so it’s not just a solo endeavor.
  • Practice mindfulness. What would it look like to allow yourself to become fully absorbed in the task at hand? While doing the activity, try to completely engage in it instead of letting your thoughts wander. Feel the texture of the tools in your hand, breathe in the air and express gratitude that your body is able to take on the particular task.
  • Place a prize at the end. A little reward at the finish line might be the motivator you need. Pick a prize that you’d enjoy — a night out at a favorite restaurant, a trip to the movies… whatever entices you. Once you finish the list, reward yourself!

Let us do the dirty work for you.
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