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By Platinum Team December 3, 2018

10 local gift ideas any homeowner or apartment dweller will love

Is the thought of holiday shopping overwhelming you?

We understand.

Thanksgiving shopping was tough enough. Snagging the last two bags of green beans at the grocery store was a relief. That is, until a man following us asked, “Do you really need both of those?”
It took everything to not scream, “DUDE! I don’t have the energy for this!”

If you’re low on energy too, we’re here for you. We can’t guarantee no standoffs in shopping aisles, but we have gift ideas to streamline your process.

Avoid the predictability and chaos of big box stores. Give local small businesses some love! As one ourselves, we’re all about that 🙂

10 local gift ideas for anyone on your list

1. Local pantry goodies
Who doesn’t love a pantry filled with local goodness? We have great producers here in town to choose from. Try Hayden Flour Mills, Queen Creek Olive Mill, Ramona Farms, Stonegrindz Chocolate and Peanut Butter Americano.

2. A piece from a local artist
Instead of replaceable kitchenware from a big box shop, pick out something special from a local artist. We love Lafayette Avenue Ceramics’ collections. You can also head to Practical Art for plenty more options.

3. Gift card for a local meat or fish purveyor
Our town boasts fantastic shops for quality meat and fish. Is there someone on your list who loves cooking at home? Grab them a giftcard from Alaskan Pride Seafoods, Arcadia Meat Market, Chula Seafood, Nelson’s Meat + Fish or The Meat Market.

4. A loaf of artisan bread
This one requires prompt delivery for optimal freshness, but the recipient will love you for it! Noble Bread and Proof Bread are top picks in our households. Be sure to snag an extra loaf for yourself!

5. Locally-made soap
Did you know Ahimsa Essentials makes an all-purpose castile soap product right here in Phoenix? Score! You can check out TSF Botanicals for goat milk soap bars and other small-batch products too.

6. Bedding from the local startup
Why not support a startup headquartered right here in the Valley? Tuft & Needle started with mattresses, but did you know they have bedding too? Totally giftable.

7. Home decor from a local shop
Have a design-savvy homeowner on your list? The Elegant Nomad is an online shop based right here in Phoenix that carries one-of-a-kind rugs, pillows and poufs that are simply stunning! You can also pop by Urbana for more unique home goods.

8. Gardening goods
Know someone with a green thumb or someone who wants to develop one? Get them some gardening goods or credit for a local shop like Southwest Gardener or Dig It.

9. A locally-made candle
A burning candle adds warmth to any home. Look to Tempe-based Standard Wax for hand poured, uniquely-scented candles. Bonus — they come in reusable ceramic vessels that are beautiful in their own right!

10. A Platinum Home Warranty gift card
Yes, a shameless plug! If your recipient is an existing Platinum Home Warranty member, they’ll love having credit for future service fees. And non-members can use gift card credit to buy a new home warranty or for retail work.

Want to keep it simple? Give them a Platinum Home Warranty gift card.

They can use it towards service fees, retail work or a new policy.