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By Platinum Team April 15, 2021

Platinum Service, Dedication, and Follow-Through Guarantee

Above and beyond specific home warranty plans, we want to share with you the less technical characteristics that are important to us — the ones that make the biggest difference in your overall experience when needing to use your home warranty provider. You probably know how home warranties and insurance work — and you know that you may never even need service once you purchase. Yet we want you to be familiar with us as your go-to experts and trusted partner when you do. Here’s what makes us stand out.

Not Your Typical Home Warranty Company

Most other Phoenix, Arizona home warranty companies send all of their claims to outside vendors. They may boast huge networks yet that just means they don’t ultimately know the quality of the company or the repairman that’s going to show up at your door. 

We operate a bit differently than your typical home warranty company — we have our own in-house technicians who service HVAC systems, plumbing, and appliance claim repairs. Our core team of in-house partners is local and vetted. What can you expect from Platinum Home Warranty technicians? Here are the top qualities we insist on:

  • Trustworthy — Someone you’re comfortable having in your home
  • Expert You will only be connected with someone who intimately knows the issues you need to have repaired
  • Reliable — Gives you a heads up when on the way and shows up on time
  • Dedicated Ready to serve and consistently goes above and beyond to address your concerns
  • Friendly — Treats you and your home with kindness and care

With Platinum Home Warranty, the technician who shows up at your door will absolutely be someone we know, and someone you can trust.

Customer Care

Do you like built-in opportunities to give feedback, and a company with a strong customer care and follow-up program? We’re here for you and we:

  • Answer the phone because we really want to help
  • Supply quick scheduling with the right technician
  • Give the utmost confidence that your maintenance concerns will be handled 100% to your satisfaction
  • Take pride in our work
  • Follow-up with a phone call to make sure you’re completely satisfied

The Platinum Perspective

We guarantee these are the things that set us apart from our competitors — we truly believe these factors make the difference for the best service experience. A great home warranty is the people behind that contract and the resulting quality of repairs and your satisfaction. Let us help you make it easier by putting a smile on your face and making your day, even when that day began badly with something broken!

Contact us to find out more about our expert, trusted team!