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By Platinum Team August 10, 2015

Be more present at home by getting away

This post is part of our Life at Home series. Each month, we explore different thinking, techniques or tools related to the concept of a home and what it means to live well in ours.

It’s safe to say — we’ve all felt it. You are at home with the ones you love, eating dinner in what could be characterized as quite a picturesque moment. But, you aren’t really there. Physically your body sinks into the chair, and your mouth devours each fork-full of food. But, when it comes to your mind, you’re anywhere but there.

The momentary daydreaming or lost-in-thought moments are fine — healthy, even. But, we’re talking about that other sort of not being present. It leaves a little twinge of emptiness in your soul. The last place you want to feel that is at home — the very place that should be filled with rest, peace and stability.

Those “not present” moments are bound to come. We know of no one living a perfect life totally free from them. That being said, we’ve found firsthand it’s possible to lessen their occurrence and influence on our lives.

It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but getting away from your home can help you be more present there. What do we mean? Sometimes you need a shift in perspective that’s best prompted by a change of scenery. Engaging elsewhere can allow you to return refreshed. Whether it’s a yoga class, neighborhood walk or full vacation, choose something outside of your home that gives your mind space to be calm.

Then, commit to be more mindful in your home upon your return. Perhaps, let yourself mull over a question or two. What aspects of your home do you like, yet easily overlook? What aromas do you sense, and how do they affect you? What do your feet feel like against the tile floor or carpet? What sort of expression is on your daughter’s face? Without placing judgement on yourself, aim to be just a bit more mindful, and see what unfolds.

Getting away won’t morph the every bit of your life at home into some hyper present state, but it truly can help you be a bit more present. Give it a whirl, and let us know how it goes. And, while you’re at it, we’d love to hear — what other ways have you found to be more present at home?