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By Platinum Team July 10, 2016

Reclaiming Home: Being Neighborly

Home is… The war zone. Thanks to that annoying neighbor of yours. You know which one I’m talking about. Though it’s hard to imagine a world in which home feels like a true place of peace, we challenge you – believe it’s possible. (A visualization of a “for sale” sign outside their home will do.) All kidding aside, we dare you to choose to change the conversation. Do something nice for that neighbor. We know they don’t deserve it. Do it anyhow. Farmers market produce on their doorstep. A bouquet of flowers. It’s up to you. If it’s too much of a stretch to dream up a plan to be nice to the annoying neighbor, do something for that other neighbor of yours – the one you don’t really pay much attention to because thankfully, they don’t do anything to annoy you. Whatever the route, whichever neighbor… celebrate that act. You’re taking action to add a bit more kindness to our community. We think that’s worth getting excited about 🙂 Warmly, The Platinum Team]]>