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By Platinum Team November 12, 2023

Conversations at Home: Thanksgiving Edition

This post is part of our Conversations at Home series, which aims to help spark positive and fruitful discussions in your home. It’s born out of the spirit of one of our company core values here at Platinum — Gratitude: “We focus our minds on the good stuff.” We hope you find these conversation starters to be helpful!

When Thanksgiving rolls around, what do you crave? Turkey and stuffing? A massive pile of mashed potatoes and gravy? Perfectly spiced pumpkin pie? 

Yep, we’ll have double helping of all those, please! 😉 

Beyond the food cravings, many of us are craving something else – meaningful connections and heartfelt moments with family and friends. To help facilitate those thoughtful connections, we’re revisiting our good ole’ Conversation Starters series! These questions can help you bring more reflective and uplifting conversations to your holiday table.

Pick one or more question(s) to create positive conversation:

  • What are you grateful for? – Gotta include this classic, of course 😉
  • What’s brought you joy recently?
  • When has someone’s generosity really touched you?
  • What do you want to experience more of in your life?
  • Who inspires you, and why?
  • WILDCARD: Make up your own

Whoever you’re with, however you’re celebrating, may your day be filled with loads of gratitude, good eats and good vibes! 

And yes… life is full of practical logistics too, isn’t it?! If home repair needs pop up along the way, we’re here to help! Reach out to us at 602.733.5000