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By Platinum Team August 23, 2015

Beyond the Bookstacks: Scottsdale Civic Center Library

This post is part of our At Home In Metro Phoenix series. Each month, we explore local businesses, attractions, events and people that call our wonderful community home.

If you mentioned the word “summertime” to a group of people and captured the images in their minds, you might come across a good handful of idealized outdoor scenes — walking along the beach, skipping through open fields, shooting hoops in the driveway.

We’re big fans of the outdoors. But, I’d wager we’re not the only ones looking for a few more activities that involve a break from the outdoor heat. And, if we could simultaneously find activities didn’t break the bank? Well, that’d just be the perfect recipe for a lovely late August day.

That beautiful combination came to life for us in a recent trip to Scottsdale Civic Center Library. True, it’s not the sexiest local find. It’s been around since the 60’s, so it’s far from new. But, seeing that this local library has to much explore, it’s a shame to overlook it just because it lacks the new luster of trendier local spots.


The library equates to an endless number of books, movies, and cd’s right at your fingertips. And, unlike accessing those things through say, at the library, they are free. (And, if you were a fan of our recent post about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you’ll find the library also can save you from acquiring things that you simply don’t need to own).

Maybe this one speaks most to the nerdy bookworms among us. But, keep in mind, there’s something to be found for the chef, music fanatic and movie watcher too. That cookbook you’ve been wanting to spend some time with? It’s yours for three weeks. That album you’ve been dying to listen to? Pop it in your car, enjoy it for a few weeks and return it before you get to that point at which it grows stale.

And a not-so-insider, yet helpful tip you need to know — just because the branch nearest you doesn’t have the book you’ve been trying to track down or that movie you’ve been waiting to see, doesn’t mean all is lost. Within the same library system (for example, the Scottsdale Public Library) you can request items and have them transferred to the branch nearest to you free of charge.

Consider this a dose of encouragement to visit your local branch — whatever the area of town in which you reside. The Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and Peoria libraries all have something to offer. Just don’t be delinquent returning items. We take no responsibility for your late fees 😉