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By Platinum Team September 3, 2018

Conversations at Home

This post is part of our Conversations at Home series, which aims to help spark positive and fruitful discussions in your home. It’s born out of the spirit of one of our company core values here at Platinum — Gratitude: “We focus our minds on the good stuff.” We hope you find these conversations starters to be helpful!

Gather ’round. It’s time to refresh our conversations once again! We’re back with a few more questions to spice things up. It’s your call when and where to bust these out — whether that be in the company of family or friends or when engaging in solo journaling. Pick one or more question(s) to create positive conversation — with others or yourself — this week:

  • What are you excited about today?
  • What’s one thing you admire about the person sitting to your left?
  • How can you be generous this week?
  • What job would you like to try for one week?
  • What’s your favorite invention of the last 50 years?
  • WILDCARD: Make up your own!

PS – If you missed Part One and Part Two they hold even more thoughtful questions for you!