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By Platinum Team March 29, 2023

Take the Long Way Home

This post is part of our Life at Home series. Here we explore different thinking, techniques or tools related to the concept of a home and what it means to live well in ours. 


It’s 4 pm on a Sunday. You’re on your way back from another glamorous errand run. There’s a sense of accomplishment pulsing through you. The bag for Goodwill? It’s out of sight for good. You even remembered light bulbs when you stopped for a few essentials. But you’re reminded — it’s 4 o’clock on a Sunday, and before Monday rolls around, you’ve still got much to do. 

Here’s an idea. You know that scenic route back from the grocery store? The one that goes by the base of the mountain and winds through that beautiful neighborhood? We know it takes an extra three minutes, but ditch the quicker route and take that scenic one. 

Sure, it’s not practical. It may even sound preposterous. But, it’s quite likely you can spare the three minutes, and there’s a good chance it’ll do you some good. 

See, gazing at the beautiful scene will likely raise your spirits a tad in a way that the efficient route never could. That elevated mood might be just the thing you need to bring you fully into your senses, ready to engage with the remainder of the day as it unfolds before you. 

In our experience, taking the long way home can help us feel less at odds with the passage of time, more appreciative of what we do have and more aware of the beauty already within our path. 

So, next time you see that long way home, ignore the voices idolizing efficiency. Seize the scenic route that beckons you. Little choices like that awaken the everyday magic before you. 


And, as far as all those practical life logistics go, remember – you can count on us for help taking care of your home! Reach out to us at 602.733.5000.