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By Platinum Team November 10, 2017

Gratitude: Sofas

This post is part of our Gratitude series, which reminds us to celebrate the ordinary things as we navigate life at home.

Today we’re grateful for… the sofa.

That cozy couch beckons us to kick up our feet, sink in and take rest. In a world of endless to-dos, we SO need those fluffy pillows and comforting cushions reminding us to chill out.

What a powerful thing it can be to give ourselves a space to breathe and set aside the concerns of the day for a moment — getting lost in a conversation, a nap, a book or perhaps a movie. Somehow, the sofa gives us permission to do all these things.

So thanks, sofa, for reminding us that we are indeed humans who need moments of rest and renewal, not machines. It’s worth celebrating those moments of renewal that you invite us into.