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By Platinum Team October 5, 2017

Gratitude: That chipped wall

This post is part of our Gratitude series, which reminds us to celebrate the ordinary things as we navigate life at home.

Today we’re grateful for… that chipped wall.

…and, the story it tells. It transports us back to that day when little Johnny turned the corner too quick and took a chunk out of the wall with his hockey stick. His look of shock and mortification was absolutely hilarious and priceless. It screamed — OH NO. I’m doomed. Somehow, we let that become one of our better parental moments — we met his fear with loving laughter instead of harsh reprimand.

So yes, chipped wall, there’s a good part of us that’d prefer you didn’t exist. We dream about a more pristine hallway without you there. And yet, there’s a good part of us that’s grateful for your reminder — even when when we make a mistake or things fail to go as planned, we can still laugh and give ourselves a bit of grace.