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By Platinum Team April 9, 2017

Gratitude: The post-dinner kitchen scene

This post is part of our Gratitude series, which reminds us to celebrate the ordinary things as we navigate life at home.

Today we’re grateful for… the post-dinner kitchen scene. Oh dear. So many days it looks like total chaos. That big stack of dishes, pots and pans can get pretty crazy. It’s such a helpful, tangible reminder though — life is a total creative process. It’s messy. It’s inefficient. There’s some work involved in creating what you desire. Sure, there’s a little cleanup necessary… especially when you decide to spice things up, try something new or venture beyond what is known. But the consequential messiness isn’t something to fret or despise. It’s a good thing. It’s evidence that we’ve chosen to engage and get messy… evidence that we are truly alive. And that ought to bring a joy-filled smile to our faces.]]>