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By Platinum Team August 14, 2017

Gratitude: The roof over our heads

This post is part of our Gratitude series, which reminds us to celebrate the ordinary things as we navigate life at home.

Today we’re grateful for… the roof over our heads.

This time of year things get a little stormy out there. Monsoon madness delivers dusty air, gusts of wind, doses of extreme heat and often a few raindrops too. A roof offers the physical protection we need from all of those elements. We can sit safely in our homes, glance out the window and be filled with a bit of fascination about what’s going on out there.

When you think about it, roofs offer us a bit of mental and emotional security too. Things can get a little crazy in our jobs, activities, relationships. (Can we get an amen?!) Having a place to inhabit and return to again and again can ground us. Amidst the everyday ebbs and flows, we’re quite grateful for that roof over our heads. In all of its simplicity, it reminds us that shelter can be found, even amidst life’s storms.