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By Platinum Team September 23, 2012

Make Home Repairs Before Extreme Weather Hits

Homeowners that live in moderate climates may not realize the importance of house repairs as those who experience extreme temperatures. When a house is left exposed to the elements, it can experience a plethora of problems that could have easily been avoided. A house warranty will cover items that have been properly cared for and usually cover the issues of the manufacture or the issues of age. If your house is in an area that has extreme temperatures, hot or cold, or both, you know the importance of taking care of your house. A house warranty can be of great benefit when the problems start piling up due to the extreme temperatures. The structure of the house can be compromised when there is damage done to the outside of the house. In extreme heat, the foundation cracking can be one of the major problems that the homeowner will face. During the drought and heat months of summer, the homeowner can water their house. It may sound silly but regular watering of the foundation can prevent the cracking that occurs when the soil is dry. Dry soil causes the foundation materials to also dry out and crack. When the foundation of the house cracks, the entire house is compromised. If you are inside the house and begin to see cracks in the walls or doors won’t properly close, you may have a foundation issue. In areas of extreme cold, the problems are just as cumbersome and the house warranty is just as important. In cold weather, your house will be more difficult to keep warm. If the house isn’t warm, pipes can freeze and burst. Before the first freeze in your area, be sure to cover your outside faucets and keep them covered. This will help the pipes stay warmer and hopefully not crack. When a pipe cracks, the water comes out. You will notice a lack of water pressure and you may even notice the water pooling outside. If this water gets on an area such as a driveway or sidewalk and freezes, it can be dangerous to anyone coming on your property. You may not even realize how icy your property is until after someone has fallen. The pipes can break in the cold weather and fixing these frozen pipes can be very difficult for any repairman. They may not be able to get under the ground to fix the pipe because the ground is frozen. Just as with your health, your home needs preventative care. When something does break or need replacing, a house warranty can be a very useful policy to hold. One of the best things you can do for your home is try your best to prevent the problems from occurring the first place. When you are able to care for your property and keep it in top-notch condition, the house warranty is like an insurance policy. It will help you sleep at night to know the major appliances and systems of your home are covered but when they break, it will still cause a hassle. You can help yourself avoid that hassle by preventing the problems to the best of your ability.]]>